Editor's favourites: two tearjerker weddings, three stoushes and 10 hilarious cat GIFs

I spent a large part of this week weeping over my keyboard, both at work and home. The home breakdown was caused by my husband leaving my rabbit loose in the house for a day – he destroyed almost every electrical cable in the place … including the one to my computer.

At work I cried over things that really matter – these hearbreaking stories:

>> This Wagga Wagga man's dying wish was to marry his sweetheart. So the hospital staff where he was staying did something wonderful - they made it happen. Details on their incredible act of kindness here  >>

>> Their family doctor assured them their toddler just had a "summer virus", but it was cancer. But they've vowed to beat it and help other kids in the process. Here's their inspiring story >>

>> This mum was stunned to discover she was carrying twins... then devastated when her obstetrician broke the devastating news that one of her babies had died in the womb. Read her story here >>

>> I was totally floored by this family's wedding day heartache - they moved the ceremony forward so their dying toddler could be there as best man. His dad carried him down the aisle because he's too sick to walk >>


>> On the other hand, this brave mum revealed she suffered physical abuse a child and pondered whether she should get a bumper sticker that says "I don't beat my kids". Read her story here >>

Things also got thought-provoking with these stories ...

>> This mum has banned birthday presents for her son at his parties. Here she explains why and and the reason should consider it too >>

>> We also explored the subject of wedding gifts and how much you should spend. It was sparked by this bride who went ballistic over only being given $100. Do you think her response was justifiable or completely out of line? >>

>> Click here to read about Arin and Katie - the transgender teens who fell in love >>

>> I loved this story about the tough questions kids ask - such as "Why do people die?" and how to answer them >>

>> Don’t be strong all the time; don’t judge others, you don’t know their story; don’t hold your farts in ... these were just some of the brilliant life "don'ts" in this awesome list >>

In honour of World Breastfeeding Week, we posted these amazing historical breastfeeding photos from the 1800s >>


And then they got controversial ...

>> I got involved in an argument where a mum told me: "I would never ever EVER pierce my baby daughter’s ears. But circumcise my son? You bet. And it’s NOT the same thing." Then I gave my view in an iVillage post called "Is piercing a baby's ears a crime?". And people got really cross. Tracy, for example, wrote:  "Why oh why must educated women open up these can of worms? Are these debates enjoyable? NO NO NO, can we just agree that personal choice in our free country means we are super lucky mummies. Please people I'm begging you let's leave this one be!!! Alana I normally love your posts." Read why she was disappointed in me here >>

Then Jo Abi confessed to getting School Run Style Anxiety, which also provoked lots of ire. Camille wrote: "First world problems [our most loathed phrase at ivillage] ...really get a grip on reality and stop being so shallow. Read Jo's story here >>

As for our report on speculation about Prince George being circumcised ... that was a big no-no. Lynds wrote: "wow not even private parts are private any more." I found it quite fascinating though to read about the history of circumcision in the royal family. If you're interested too, click here >>

And then there was the fun stuff ...

>> We all know the feeling of embarking on an activity and quickly coming to regret that choice. Click here to see the hilarious gifs of cats that have done exactly that...


My favourite Naughty @ 9 was this one: Accidental phalluses are everywhere - you just need to open your eyes... (or maybe close them, put your fingers in your ears and go la-la-la) >>

>> When you come home to a dog, you're treated like royalty. When you return home to a cat, well... click here to watch a hilarious (and very relatable) feline greeting and tell us - are you a dog or cat person? >>

>> Check out the tampon ad your daughter needs to see (it actually manages to make getting your period cool) >>

>> Finally, this was my favourite meme of the week that we posted on Facebook.

The most delicious moments of the week were ...

>> Click here for 5 dessert recipes that are low in sugar - and high on flavour >>

>> And these sweet pies masquerading as milkshakes fascinated us >>

Drop me a line and tell me your favourite moments of the week, or where you think iVillage is getting it right or wrong at