Editor's favourites: the stories that made me laugh, cry and bake ...

Editing iVillage made me weep A LOT this week. So many heartfelt stories. But it wasn’t all tears. There was joy during the royal birth, laughter at some hilarious videos and drooling over the most divine recipes.

Oh – and of course we have a brand new website. Do you like the new look? We’d love your feedback.

Here are my editor’s favourite stories of the week …

Her dad is dying of cancer, so this woman filmed a father-daughter dance with him for her future wedding day. Watch and weep >>

Nobody wanted these conjoined triplets. Then something beautiful happened… Would you have the courage to do what this amazing couple did?

This mum’s description of  the harrowing moment she watched her husband battle to save their son’s life brought back a similar moment for me, when our daughter choked in a restaurant. Chills. Read it here >>

This teen wrote a bucket list she never got the chance to fulfil … so hundreds of strangers are completing it in her honour. Read the awesome details here >>

I felt so sad for Prince William, not having his mum around this week. Prince George would have been Princess Diana’s first grandchild. Read what I had to say about it here >>

I also wrote about why I don’t think solving the gender imbalance is a simple as telling girls they’re smart instead of pretty. And then I braced myself for a slamming >>

Did you feel pressured to lose your ‘baby weight’ within weeks of giving birth? We were horrified to see certain media outlets already speculating on when Princess Kate would lose hers. Here’s why being skinny doesn’t make you a better mum >>


I loved this story by a dad who explains why fathers don’t deserve hero worship for looking after their own children. “I’m not babysitting my kids. I’m their dad,” he says. Ooops, I’m guilty of saying my husband is babysitting when I go out. You? This story is a great read  >>

On the other side of the spectrum, this mum says she’s discovered the secret to “having it all”? Do you agree with her confronting theory?  >>

The iVillage team decided it shouldn’t be all about the royal bub this week – what about all the non-royal mums out there? Mia Freedman wrote: “I’ve given birth three times. And each time there were no media waiting outside. But it felt like there SHOULD have been. Because giving birth, no matter who you are, is a BIG DEAL. We should all get commemorative stamps and teatowels and notices posted on palace gates. This gallery of birth photos and first-time mums is a beautiful reminder that all births are amazing” >>

This coffee ad made me cry with laughter >>
And I wasn’t expecting it to, but this video of the most easily scared man ever—a French guy working in a restaurant did too, after his fifth identical squeal. Watch and giggle here. 

It turns out there are more uses for Milo than making hot chocolate (or eating it straight out of the tin with a spoon) – check out these yummy recipes >>

With these 14 adults-only desserts, you can have your cake and get tipsy too. That’s how the saying goes, right? >>

And these were my suggestions for planning a week’s worth of family dinners – BLT linguine and slow-cooked pork shoulder included. Why not give these recipes a try? >>

Drop me a line and tell me your favourite moments of the week, or where you think iVillage is getting it right or wrong at