The Find: Edible Beauty - a skincare range so good you could eat it.

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After being diagnosed with type one diabetes when she was eighteen, Anna Mitsios began on a path to try and manage her condition. Working in finance, Mitsios became more and more interested in nutrition and naturopathy, before studying a lot of alternative medicine practices. And along the way she also became really conscious of what she was putting on her skin.

And thankfully she did, because the result? The up and coming incredible skin care company, Edible Beauty Australia, available at Sephora.

The range is what its name suggests: edible skin care products. Obviously we wouldn’t actually recommend eating them, it’s more of an emphasis on the fact that natural ingredients are used. But damn they smell good.

Mitsios has included herbal beauty elixirs and wild-crafted exotic teas containing therapeutic botanicals, all designed specifically to create healthy, glowy skin.

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"I remember I was working at a fertility clinic and recommending that people use toxin-free products. I noticed that there was a real lack of something that was luxurious but also toxin-free on the market – nothing that I would be comfortable using on my skin myself, which led me to develop my own skin care that was actually good enough to put in your mouth,” Mitsios says.

I have always, for some reason, assumed that the more chemicals that are in a product, the better it will be at targeting my skin issues. But man, was I wrong. I used two of her products, the No.4 Vanilla Silk Hydrating Lotion and the No.3 Exotic Goddess Ageless Serum.

Both smelt, looked and felt incredible on my skin. Because I have rosacea, I have to be careful about what I put on my face. Even after just a week of using the products, my skin felt softer. (The new trend in holidays is one that's a cross between a detox and partying. It's brilliant. Post continues after video.)

“There have been a lot of studies done on the botanicals that show they’re just as effective [as their chemical counterparts] in protecting the DNA of the skin, in boosting collagen and in being anti-inflammatory, with specific actions like being de-puffing or brightening," Mitsios explains.

Mitsios always takes this into consideration when formulating her products, she looks at how the botanicals actually work and then integrates them into the skin care range.

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"For example, when I created the Heal Me Soothing Balm, I was thinking about the specific actions, and the evidence-based herbs that provided those actions, so things like calendula have been shown to promote skin healing and repair, echinacea for balancing the immune system, and I added some tissue regenerating and antimicrobial herbs and as well as some soothing ingredients,” she explains.

"Then we will add vitamins in there as well, for instance, vitamin B3 is great for reducing redness and inflammation. We get some wonderful results in terms of the repair and reduction of inflammation and redness, clinically, they work," Mitsios says.

Image via Instagram @ediblebeautyau

One awesome feature of the range? They always feel cold because they're packaged in Miron Violet Glass. It only allows the UVA light and purple light in which means that the product is protected inside and the ingredients are activated. (Watch Magdalena Roze talk you through her health tips. Post continues after video.)

As for my skincare routine now? While I still have a few (OK, a fair few) chemical-based products in my beauty cupboard, Edible Beauty's natural products have earned their spot in the mix.

Have you tried Edible Beauty's products?

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