You must buy your partner an edible chocolate anus. For romance.

Anus moulds have opened up a whole new wave of romantic gift possibilities.

Drop everything. Valentine’s Day is sorted.

There is a website that exists that sells chocolates in the shape of one lucky woman’s anus. Anus chocolates. The website, not surprisingly, is called Edible Anus.

What the romantic chocolates look like.

Magnus Irvin, the ‘artist’ who came up with the idea, originally tried to make the mould based on his own anus. It didn’t quite work out.:

“Initially Mr Irvin tried to cast his own anus with messy and disastrous results. Whilst explaining his failure to a chance acquaintance at a bus stop he was gratified to find that his fellow bus passenger was willing to allow him to cast her anus. The job was done in just over half an hour later that afternoon and all subsequent anuses have been based on this casting. It is a matter of interest that the person who kindly donated her service has no idea that her anus has now gone global.”

Classic anus mould sorted, Irving set about making Edible Anus the business it is today – a worldwide chocolate bum hole shipping service:

BUT WAIT! There’s more!

Being able to buy chocolate moulds of a bum hole, made a lot people ask, “Why can’t I get stuff made in the shape of my own bum hole?”

Well, Edible Anus listened to the people. And now, as the perfect romantic gift, you can get a BESPOKE piece of jewellery based on your own personal anus.

It’s made of bronze, and Edible Anus insists it’s the perfect gift ‘for mother’s day, a family wedding, or that confirmed bachelor next door’:

Obviously you’re going to order one of these for your Grandma immediately, and probably have some questions about how the whole ‘taking a perfect mould of my anus’ thing works. Please peruse this informative video:

And there you have it. If you’re up for it, you could soon be giving your loved ones the most memorable gift they’ll ever receive.