There has been a lot of Bachelor rumour mongering going on.

The best way to handle being rejected by The Bachelor Sam is to criticise your friends.

That’s what The Bachelor women are doing today.

First up, Ebru.

Last night, she went home sans-rose and was holding back the tears in the fancy car ride home. I wonder how much waterproof mascara The Bachelor make up crew go through.

This morning she’s given an interview with could she have to say? What golden piece of juicy behind-the-scenes, what-the-cameras-didn’t-capture goss did she have to spill?

Ebru. Image via Instagram.

To her, Emily made "a silly move" and "she knows she shouldn’t have walked out". Ooph. She was referring to Wednesday's late night scandal where Emily decided it was best to leave than wait to be booted.

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"I was actually yelling at her for walking out on Sam and on the rose ceremony ... and I was just telling her to come back inside but she didn’t want to come back. I told her, ‘at the end of the day you’re there for Sam, you’re not there for Nina."

But don't worry. Ebru is still friends with Emily and is equally as upset as Emily is about Emily being type-cast as the b*tch.

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Thanks Ebru. Now, Snezana.

Snezana (still in the running to be Mrs. Sam) did what we all do when we want to passively-aggressively confront someone that is pissing us off. She posted an inspirational quote on Instagram.

The quote said:

"Always be careful of what you hear about a woman. Rumours either come from a man that can't have her, or a woman who can't compete with her."

She captioned it with, "Nothing more to say!! #famehungry #attentionseekers #thebachelorau."

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Double ooph.

Image via Snezana Instagram.

The passive-aggressive post comes after Bec's brother took to Instagram (told you it was a good place to vent your anger), saying that Nina and Snezana bullied Bec while on the show.

Speaking of Bec...

She was on The Project last night where she didn't give much away about the other girls but did kind of say Sam is a liar.

Back story. After digging around in her Instagram account, media found out that Sam and Bec had hooked up in Bali before the show started. However, they didn't go, "OMG, I think I know you" when they met on the first night. When questioned about it, Sam said he never met the girl.


Last night, Bec confirmed they hung out and "chatted throughout the night".

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When asked about whether their lips connected while they were chatting, Bec said, "I'm not gonna kiss and tell".

Ahh... in order to kiss and tell, you need to... kiss. We will take that as a yes there was smooching.

We're not done yet.

The Bachelor intruder Lana went on KISS FM this morning and didn't really have the nicest words for her fellow intruder buddy Rachel.

Lana hitting it off with Sam. Image via Instagram.
Rachel. Image via Instagram.

Lana confirmed to Jackie O that Rachel will be starting a bit of trouble soon. "She's not afraid to speak her mind and she's quite opinionated".

But she's good mates with Heather and Sarah. Phew.

Speaking of Heather...

Check out Sam's reaction to Heather calling him her "partner" when he was on the KIIS Melbourne breakfast show:

Video via Kiis FM

That's it... for now.

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