A Queensland nurse has been tested for Ebola. The results are in.

Sue-Ellen Kovack. (Photo: Facebook)


Sue-Ellen Kovack, a Cairns nurse thought to have Ebola after a month-long stay in Sierra Leone, has been cleared after tests overnight.

QLD Chief Health officer Dr Jeanette Young has said the tests came back negative.

“I do not think we will have an outbreak in Australia,”Dr Young told media.

However, Ms Kovack is still within the 21-day incubation period, however, and Dr Young said QLD Health would continue to monitor her.

Ms Kovack has been in quarantine since Thursday afternoon, the ABC reports.

She is the second Australian to have a highly publicised test for the deadly Ebola virus. Last month, a West Australian man was tested at the Gold Coast.

Mamamia previously reported:

57-year-old nurse from Cairns is in isolation waiting for test results to determine whether she has the deadly Ebola virus, the ABC reports.

Sue-Ellen Kovack is a Red Cross volunteer who was working in Sierra Leone, caring for Ebola victims. Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young said that Kovack “is not unwell at this point in time,” but is suffering from a “low-grade fever.”

Sue-Ellen Kovack in Sierra Leone (via Facebook)

“It is low-grade fever, but we thought it was important she come into the Cairns Hospital and be tested” Dr. Young said in a press conference earlier today.

Dr. Young went on to say, “We don’t know whether she has Ebola but she has been exposed to people with the disease.”


Before she left for Sierra Leone in September, Ms Kovack told the ABC:

“I believe my past working history has given me the skills to help out in this humanitarian emergency, which is turning into an epidemic of catastrophic proportions, Ebola is absolutely survivable.”

Peter Walto, the head of the Red Cross’ international program said ‘our heartfelt thoughts are with the Red Cross aid worker and her family. We will do everything we can to support her.”

She is said to be in good spirits.

Ms Kovack will find out late tonight or tomorrow morning whether or not she has contracted the deadly disease.

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