Eau dear

This is the new magazine ad for Tom Ford’s new fragrance called, ahem, Tom Ford. If you are not a fan of fashion, allow me to explain that Tom Ford used to be the designer for Gucci. His in-your-face approach turned the brand around in the nineties by sexing it up  – you may recall an ad for another fragrance where the female model’s pubic hair was shaved into a G although if you’re a reader of the Women’s Weekly or, say, Family Circle, you may have missed that particular ad…..

Suffice to say the guy likes to shake it up and so he has once again with this new creative. Some magazines have rejected this ad. Other magazines have asked for the name of the model’s laser hair removal clinic.


Personally, I think it’s a bit yucky. You?
Mr Ford, when accused of exploiting women, insists he is an ‘equal opportunity exploiter’. However you don’t see that many naked men in his ads, which is kind of ironic because Tom Ford is an out and proud gay man and his personal taste would run much more towards dangly bits rather than lady gardens.
In  American magazine, Radar, he at least showed he has a sense of humour by volunteering to be a hand model in a parody of his fragrance ad.
You can see it after the jump – although if your boss or mother-in-law is standing behind you, you may wish to choose a more private time……


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