Behold: The step-by-step tutorial for the perfect messy fishtail braid.

Image: Supplied.

The classic braid may be among the first hairstyles many of us learn to do, but in the world of Pinterest and Instagram it just doesn’t cut it anymore.

From French and milkmaid to reverse waterfall, the more detailed styles can be seriously intimidating — which is why the messy fishtail braid is one of our favourites. While it looks fancy, the actual process is deceiving simple and takes just seconds once you’ve mastered it.

The Glow‘s Lauren, armed with her Rapunzel-like hair and enviable braiding skills, is here to demonstrate just how easy to follow this style is, even for the most uncoordinated braider.

Say goodbye to fiddly and hello to fabulous. (Watch: The simple 6 step fishtail braid. Post continues after video.)

How it’s done

Step 1: Pull your hair to one side.
Step 2: Split into three pieces and begin a normal plait pulling piece one over piece two and piece three over piece one.
Step 3: Split the middle piece into two so you have two bunches of hair. Take one small piece from the back of bunch one and pull it over and under bunch two.
Step 4: Repeat the same process with bunch two.
Step 5: Continue alternating until you reach your desired length.
Step 6: Secure with a hair elastic a little lower than the end of the plait and pull apart the segments to loosen the plait.

What’s your favourite braid to do?