The easy eyebrow routine explainer you've been searching for.

There are two kind of people – those that refuse to leave the house without ‘doing’ their eyebrows and those that didn’t even realise it was a thing you were supposed to ‘do’.

If you’re in the latter camp, you’ve come to the right place to learn a) why you might want to and b) how to do it without five million products and inevitable despair when it doesn’t turn out like the picture.

Makeup artist Natalie Wright has gone back to the basics to share the most straightforward and easy-to-understand eyebrow routine you’ll find on the internet.

Image: Supplied

Brow basics.

Before you even go near your brows, you need to work out what you're hoping to achieve. Making up your brows is the cheats way to ensuring you've got the right shape for your face. Eyebrows influence your overall look more than you might think - in fact, they're often the first things people (and babies) notice when they're taking in your face.


Your eyebrow should start at the edge of your nose, your arch should sit in line with the middle of your eye and the tail or your brow with the end of your eye.

Which product do I need?

It's hard to know where to begin when you're faced with brow products of all formulas and colours. Each type will give you a different result - powder will give you a defined, stronger look, pencil will give you a more polished-looking brow whereas gel will look bolder.

For her own brows, Nat prefers using a mixture of gel and pencil.

Step one.

Brush your brows, using a spoolie or old (washed!) mascara wand. Run it through your brows brushing up, which allows you to see where any gaps are that need to be filled in.


Step two.

Grab your eyebrow pencil and follow the natural shape. Instead of just drawing on in lines, use light, feathery strokes because you want to make it look like natural hairs.

Go over with your brush - this helps blend the product into your eyebrow.

Step three.

For the finishing step, go over your brows lightly with eyebrow gel. This separates the hairs to look more natural and sets everything place.

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