Please allow Sam Wood to trick you into exercising while you watch TV.

If you’re after a tight arse, you’ve come to the right place.

Turns out it’s entirely possible to get a Kardashian-worthy bum without pausing your TV show or even getting up off the couch. Much. And we have fitness guru Sam Wood to thank.

To celebrate his new book 28 by Sam Wood, he came into the Mamamia office to demonstrate four easy exercises you can do during the ad breaks.

First up? 20 squats, making sure you keep your heels flat on the floor, push your knees up and get that bum right back.

Follow that up with alternating lunges on both legs – although that’s 20 on each side this time.

Now you get to lie down. Sort of. For your 20 hip lifts, place your head and shoulders on the couch and get your hips as low as you can. Make sure you squeeze your bum and hamstrings hard.

Listen: Snezana on how her world has changed since meeting Sam Wood. Post continues after audio.

Finish off with 20 calf raises on a thick book, then admire your progress.

Don’t forget to check into Facebook or post a vague Instagram picture to let everyone know that you exercised.