"Please stop buying my children toys for Easter."

What do you think of the toys for Easter trend?

Let me start this by saying that for those in the world who are religious Easter is, or course, about religious stuff. I have the greatest respect for that. For those who are lesser inclined (but also for the vast, vast majority of the religious types as well) Easter is about one thing.

One sweet, creamy, melting, delicious thing.

One decadent, not-on-the-quitting-sugar-diet thing.


Small round creamy eggs. Large, hollow, milk bunnies. Bean-filled Humpty Dumpty eggs. Small, thick rabbits.


This ...THIS is what that rabbit brings.

That’s Easter. That’s what the Easter bunny brings. You know that guy. Furry, white, large ears and a basket full of eggs. Chocolate eggs.

Not toys – that’s Santa.

I am having to clear this up you see because there is a bit of confusion going on right now - a small section of society seem to have mixed up their jolly fat men and their small mammals.

A small element who have their months all in a fuddle.

I emphasising the word small because I really, really hope it is small but I fear it is growing.

These people who give toys at Easter.

Take a quick look through anyone with an online shopping addict’s email. "Easter Toy sale" the headlines will scream at you. Walk through a chain store and right up there next to the shiny eggs you will see a few faces you recognise. All packed up right smack bang in the middle of the eggs.

The marketers are imploring us to buy a toy along with an egg this Easter and it is a trick we are falling for.

It isn't about toys.

Kids these days are increasingly getting toys as Easter gifts.

It was first noticed in the US in 2013 with Marketplace writing that one leading retailer had cited Easter as its second biggest toy holiday of the year.

Parents buying children dress ups and dolls, stuffed toys and trains, electronics and even bicycles.


Eyes popping out of your head yet?

You don’t believe me? Well I am one of these parents that the Easter stocking has happened to with my children’s well meaning grandmother asking me if there were any toys “the children might prefer this year?”

The short answer is no.

It is Easter. If you don’t want to give them chocolate give them a book about Easter or an eggcup, give them one of those small fuzzy yellow chicks they can use for craft or a basket they can fill with flowers.

Give them a picture of a rabbit.

But not a toy.

On a side note I have also heard an increasing trend for pyjamas as an Easter gift.

Oh thanks Easter Bunny for those wonderful 100% nylon jammies said no kid ever.

Folks it’s a woeful day when Easter becomes about gifts.

For me the chocolate side of things was actually a minor part. Easter was about holidays and family, about a joyous hunt for (well yes chocolate) eggs and about spending rainy days (it always rains at Easter doesn’t it?) lazing around with my family.

Back off of Easter Dora.

It has never been about toys or gifts or “sales”

While the toy industry might disagree with my Easter rant – and nutritionists would no doubt be frowning at my politically incorrect plea I am hoping Australian parents will agree. After all Australians generally are among the world’s largest Easter egg consumers – with at least $220 million expected to be spent on chocolate this year.

The fact is as any responsible mother will tell you no matter how many eggs the kids end up receiving the left overs will get eaten.. (shortly after the kids go to bed along side a nice glass of red for many weeks ahead..)

 Do you give Easter gifts?

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