How on earth could THIS make marriage better?

Would filming porn improve your marriage? We’re not talking about a cast of thousands. We’re talking about you and your spouse turning on the camera and going for it.

Stop laughing.

Many couples swear that filming porn has improved their marriages and some don’t stop there. Some married couples are even becoming amateur porn stars and making money from it too.

They do say sex and finances are the issues most couples fight over. Could filming ourselves having sex really be the key to marriage success?

Falicha  Karr and Steve Bigs say filming porn has improved their marriage

Nancy Redd from Huffington Post Live spoke with 'porn stars' Falicha Karr and Steve Bigs about why they decided to film themselves having sex and then release the clips to porn sites through their company, Falicha Productions.

Bigs said, "We have no secrets. There's nothing behind closed doors, you see it all. We're very open."

He swears keeping the camera rolling leads to more satisfying sex.

"I find on camera the sex sometimes is just a little better... it's strong. We have a really good sex life. There's no reason to look elsewhere. We trust each other one-hundred percent," he said.

You would make more of an effort, wouldn't you, if you were being filmed in the act. But wouldn't you also be so self-conscious? Sex doesn't always look Hollywood perfect.

Each to their own ... but this is one relationship booster we'll be giving a miss.

How do you do to spice up your marriage?

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