The band involved in the Paris attacks share their story.

A week after the devastating attacks on Paris, the band Eagles of Death Metal have opened up about how their concert suddenly became a part of the horrific terrorist attacks on the city.

Members of the band sat down for an interview to talk about the tragedy.

89 people were killed, including the band’s merchandise manager and three members of their record label, in the attacks. An event which the band later described as an “unimaginable ordeal”.

During their interview with VICE, Eagles of Death Metal‘s lead singer, Jesse Hughes, reflected on the specifics of the events that took place at the venue Le Bataclan.

He recalled how several people hid in the bands dressing room but the killers found them and killed every one of them, except for a child who was hiding under Hughes leather jacket.

“People were playing dead, and they were so scared,” he told VICE.

Whilst choking back tears, he also described the incredible acts of kindness displayed by their fans during the ordeal.

“A great reason why so many were killed is because so many people wouldn’t leave their friends,” he continued.

“So many people put themselves in front of people.”

Watch a preview for the interview here:

Video via VICE