Lovely news for David Bowie's son a month after losing his dad to cancer.

A month after rock legend, David Bowie died his son has announced some lovely news.

The 44-year-old director took to Twitter to reveal that he and his wife, Rodene Ronquillo are expecting a baby, he also mentioned that his late father knew about the pregnancy before he passed away.

Bowie’s son, Duncan Jones wrote, “1 month since dad died today. Made this card for him at Christmas. Due in June. Circle of life. Love you, granddad.”

Bowie passed away on January 10th this year after he battled with cancer for 18 months.

Duncan Jones and David Bowie. Image via Getty.

Jones is the 69-year-old's eldest child. He married Rodene Ronquillo in November 2012. Ronquillo also took to Twitter to comment on their pregnancy news.

"Shame on those of you who just thought I was really fat and didn't say anything. HAHA ;)," she wrote.

This is the couple's first child.

Congratulations to them both, such a bittersweet time.

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