Duncan from Q&A is now on suicide watch.


He was the modest Aussie battler who didn’t do anything remarkable nor extraordinary. He asked a question thousands could’ve asked, should’ve asked, wanted to ask.

Duncan Storrar stood in what he assumed was a momentary spotlight. A spotlight that ended up enveloping him for days, shrouding him in piercing light and burning criticism: the very worst of a trial by media.

His crime? Well, there wasn’t one.

And now, just under five days after appearing on our television screens, Duncan Storrar went from a little-known father who just wanted to take his kids to the movies to one who is now on suicide-watch.


According to the Australian Independent Media Network, Storrar’s family have release a statement from a family friend who is urging the media to stop picking apart half-truths and misconstruing versions of the truth.

"This week, Duncan has been pushed to the brink of suicide."

"Yes Duncan has had a hard life, some of which are his own choices, some due to mental illness," the friend wrote.

"This week, Duncan has been pushed to the brink of suicide. The character assassination needs to stop.

"It’s scaring me how much this is effecting the Storrar Family. And I hate seeing Duncan’s message to the politicians being lost by this witch hunt."


Storrar was, and still is, our rag-doll. One that we elevated with as much force as we sought to bring him down with.

We lauded him as our national hero, raising over $60,000 for his future. And as fast as we did, we mercilessly dug up his past to damage him in a way money can't fix.

The Q&A exchange that started it all:

Video via ABC

Storrar could be the drug-addled welfare recipient with a criminal past. And he also could be the devoted father who sought a better life for his kids. But at this point, both are irrelevant.

Because regardless of status and race and gender and history, the right to question those above you should be inherent as it should encouraged.

Wherever you stand, this time Storrar didn't commit a crime. He asked a question.

And now he's on suicide watch because of it.

You can view the family friend's full statement here.