The question pregnant women have about the Duchess of Sussex's strappy shoes.


It’s a universal fact known by every pregnant woman: the female form is designed perfectly for carrying a baby (and doing so many other amazing things), and will change over the course of approximately nine months to accommodate that baby. And so, as long as everything goes smoothly in a pregnancy, a baby bump grows, and it…keeps…growing.

Let’s for example look at one of the most famous baby bumps in the world right now; that which belongs to Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex. Currently at around six months gestation, Meghan’s bump gains international attention on a daily basis.

For example, here is the happy Duchess just yesterday, arriving at the National Theatre in London.

The Duchess of Sussex arriving at the National Theatre. Image: Getty

Meghan appears to be enjoying her pregnancy, and is seemingly very healthy, as she is able to continue her royal duties of...visiting people. But if we look a little closer, there's something which seems curious.

It's a little thing which people - especially expectant mothers and/or anyone who's had a baby - might have a question about.

So much beautiful bump. Image: Getty.

Meghan's beautiful shoes.

Her cream, dainty, strappy, and very high stilettos.

A very fine pair of $800 Aquazurra heels, to be precise. Image: Getty

No, they're not marvelling at how a pregnant woman is able to walk in these high heels - sister, please. Women are amazing (and will generally do a lot in the name of fashion).

N0, they're not envying the beautiful design and coveting a similar pair for themselves. (Although, to be honest, it's probably crossed their minds.)

No, the real question is: how the bloody hell did she get them on?

As we have established and is plain to the human eye, there is sizeable bump that, as anyone who's been pregnant knows, gets in the way of things; the wearing non-stretching clothes, sitting comfortably on a chair...and bending down.

And yet, these shoes, with their dainty ankle straps, so perfectly tied, would absolutely necessitate bending; and, not just a quick bend, but bending and concentration and perfect knot-tying.

And time spent wrapping around the ankle, too. Image: Getty

So, we'd like to know the answer to this very important question: how did Meghan manage this with her bump?

Did someone help her? Her lady-in-waiting? Or was Harry on his knees for fifteen minutes whilst she chided him that "the knot's not central!"?

Even if the Duchess placed her leg on a chair to reach her ankle better, wouldn't her bump have made things a tad difficult?

Or, and this is most likely the answer to this deep mystery...is this some more of that Markle Magic we all love so much?

We'll never really know.

But we'll continue to be impressed.

Did you wonder about this too?  Tell us in the comments below.

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