The three-ingredient dry skin remedy that millions of people are loving.

A woman in the US has shared her mother’s secret to reversing dry skin. Like all good life hacks in this century, it’s gone viral online.

Why? Because it’s a three-ingredient wonder that she vows works better than anything you can find in a chemist or supermarket. It’s technical name? The “best dry skin goop”.

Susan Lewis from Phoenix, Arizona, posted about the formula on Facebook and was so inundated with messages from fans, she felt compelled to share a video of the cream’s production to YouTube.

“It’s easy enough a kid could actually do it,” she said, as she and her son Caden put the ingredients together.

All it takes?

Vaseline (370ml). Johnson’s baby lotion (270ml). And Vitamin E cream (230ml).

Behold: Everything that you need. (Image: Facebook/Susan Lewis)

Put all the ingredients into a bowl and use an electric mixer to spin them all together.

Mmmmmm... goopy goodness. (Image: Facebook/Susan Lewis)

"So it’s been less than a week since I posted my favourite winter skin care remedy made by my sweet mum and then this happened - 5.8 million views," Lewis said.

At time of publishing, 126,000 people have shared the recipe on Facebook.

"Sharing is caring. Should be lots of soft faces out there now."


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