13 things you didn't know dry shampoo could do

Dry shampoo is on most women’s list of product must-haves, and for good reason. Most of us are content enough knowing dry shampoo is there to help when our hair is greasy or when we just can’t be bothered to wash it, but that’s not all this wondrous product can be used for.

In fact, it’s a surprisingly helpful little guy. From covering dark roots to removing oil stains in carpets, it’s looking more and more like dry shampoo is the only household product we need in our lives.

Here are 13 insanely useful ways to make the most of your best friend, dry shampoo.

1. It adds grip to your bobby pins and hair clips.

Do your bobby pins tend to get loose when you create a fancy up-do? Simply spray some dry shampoo on the clips before pinning them in your hair.


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2. It will keep your fringe from sticking to your forehead. 

Want a fringe that looks like Zooey Deschanel's? The secret is simple: Spray dry shampoo underneath your fringe, to stop it from sweating, sticking and separating.

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3. It can act as a lightweight deodorant.

Dry shampoo can keep you fresh and, you guessed it, dry. For an alternative to deodorant, spray dry shampoo on the offending areas to stop sweat. This an 'only in a bind' solution, since it will leave a powdery residue on your clothes.

4. It can eliminate shoe odour.

If your favourite pair of winter boots need some fresh air, spray some dry shampoo inside and leave for 20 minutes.

5. It can beef up your brows

If your eyebrows are lacking the bushy brilliance that is so in right now, dry shampoo can help. Spray directly onto your fingers and rub into your brows to add thickness and keep hairs in place.

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6. It will help hide dark roots on blondes. 

Desperately need a hair appointment? Put it off by using dry shampoo to cover dark roots. The white powder gives the effect of lightening the regrowth.

7. It gets rid of oil stains.

If you're faced with a stain on your clothing or carpet, spray dry shampoo on the area first. For clothes, follow this with soap and water. For carpet, leave the dry shampoo on for 20 minutes and then vacuum up the powder, once it's done its absorbing work.


8. It works as a great fix for clammy hands.

If your hands get a little sweaty during the day, dry shampoo is the easiest fix as it will keep your hands cool and dry all day long.

9. It provides great grip for your hands. 

Perfect for yoga class, bike riding or even rock climbing -  spray some dry shampoo on your hands before exercising for better grip.

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10. It keeps your curls separate.

If your hair tends to clump together when you're curling, use dry shampoo as a way to separate curls. Spray after you curl for a natural look.

11. It adds subtle highlights or lowlights.

Using a tinted dry shampoo will give your hair some natural-looking highlights or lowlights, depending on what you want. Just spray it where ever you desire a lighter look. This can also work with regular dry shampoo on darker hair.

12. It helps lock in hair when teasing.

If your up-do requires teasing or backcombing, use dry shampoo rather than hair spray to lock in your style. It's less harsh, and won't be as difficult to brush out.

13. It lets you rewind and start over.

Ever get halfway through curling your hair and realise you don't have time to do the rest? Dry shampoo can return your hair to its natural state so you can start again. Spray dry shampoo on the curled areas, then brush your hair out while applying heat from the blowdryer. Voila, your hair is straight again.

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