The waitress who served a two-year-old alcohol.

She had to be hospitalised.

There’s nothing like going to a family restaurant and enjoying some family time over a birthday meal.

But unfortunately, for Tiffany and Derek Gilliam, the quite meal turned into a rush to the emergency room.

Their two-year-old daughter was hospitalised after she was served sangria (a wine and fruit punch) at a Texas Roadhouse restaurant in America this week.

The Mirror UK reports the toddler, Gabriella Gilliam, was at the restaurant to celebrate her father’s 25th birthday when she started “kissing everything” and “feeling sick”.

It was when she complained the drink tasted funny that her parents realised she had been served sangria  instead of the cranberry juice they ordered.

The toddler was rushed to hospital where it was confirmed she was suffering from accidental alcohol ingestion but she was, thankfully, not harmed.

Gabriella GilliamSource - Facebook

Her mother, Tiffany Gilliam , was quoted in The Mirror UK as saying, "it was the most horrible feeling ever. I was scared that she might not wake up, that she'd choke on her throw up and not wake up".

After witnessing the event and seeing her daughter staggering around, after ingesting the alcohol, Ms Gilliam in understandably upset and has stated she doesn't, "ever want that to happen to anybody else's child".


Gabriela's father, Derek Gilliam was still in disbelief when he spoke to WLOS news about the incident.

"[My] Two-year-old drinking sangria,” he said. “It was supposed to be cranberry juice.”

The Texas Roadhouse chain has apologised over the incident.Source - Facebook

WLOS reports a spokesperson for the Texas Roadhouse had said that the family stayed and finished their meal and did not call 911 until after the birthday dinner. An employee of the restaurant is reported to have attended the hospital with the family.

The chain claims the incident was an honest mistake. They have released a statement saying, "We are taking this incident as an opportunity to look for ways to make our systems even better in order to prevent this from ever happening again."

The Texas Roadhouse has apologised to the parents and written off their bill for the dinner.

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