Watch as 4 different men try to trick this drunk girl into going home with them.





“I’ve got a car just over there! We can go to my house and get more beer.”

“You can get a bus from my house.”

“I got a water bed you can sleep in.”

“You’ve had a bit too much to drink, you need to come to my place.”

These are the responses a woman received when she pretended to be drunk and walked down a crowded street.

In the latest ‘social experiment’ video to go viral, a woman pretends to be drunk and wanders aimlessly around Hollywood Boulevard. When she is approached by strangers (all men), she asks them to help her get to a bus stop – the aim being to see if the men would help her, or try to take advantage of her.

In an incredibly unsettling display, all but one tried to get her to come home with them. And it’s shocking how brazen they are about it.

Within 30 seconds, she is approached by a man who tells her there’s a bus stop (as well as a water bed) at his house. He tells her he’ll help her get home if she comes with him:



The next guy approaches her and says he can help her if she comes to his house first:



Then he walks her to his car and tries to make her get inside:



The worst part is when one guy starts leading her to his car, and another guy intervenes. It looks like he’s trying to help – he tells the guy to leave her alone and says that she definitely shouldn’t go home with him:




But as soon as the other guy leaves, her supposed ‘hero’ puts his arm around her and tells her that she should come to his house for a good time:



But. Just when you’re about to weep for humanity, there is one man who seems genuinely worried and tries to help her get to the bus stop (and check that woman in the background who looks ready to step in):



Watch the video here:


So that’s that. This video leaves you feeling incredibly unsettled, but what are exactly are we meant to gain from its release? That women shouldn’t drink so much? That there are some dodgy men out there? That Hollywood Boulevard is a dangerous place?

The creator of the video, Stephen Zhang, calls himself a ‘serial entrepreneur’, and there doesn’t appear to be any motive behind the video other than to get clicks. Many people on social media are calling it a fake, and some have questioned the editing.

So, what do you reckon? If there’s no campaign or official wider discussion involved, what does releasing a video like this achieve?