They were sick of their friend drink driving. So they pulled the most elaborate prank ever.

Note to self: Don’t be a douchey drunk driver if you’re friends with a notorious YouTube prankster.

(Also – just don’t be a douchey drunk driver full stop. Obvs.)

Tom Mabe is known for his popular and elaborate pranks on YouTube. His friend is known for having been arrested FIVE TIMES for driving under the influence.

It was clearly never going to be a straight-up intervention.

Tom Mabe decided it was time to teach his friend a lesson. And obviously the best way to do that was to plan an elaborate prank in which they waited for him to pass out drunk, transported him to a fake hospital room and convinced him when he woke up that it was the year 2023 and he had been in a coma for ten years.

There is even a fake news report in which the anchor refers to “President Hillary Clinton”.

Did the prank actually work? Here’s hoping. He does look mighty confused, so that’s something.

It is pretty hilarious though:

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