Why Robin Bailey doesn't have a problem drug testing her teenage sons.

It’s the topic dividing parents everywhere – whether or not sniffer dogs should be allowed into high schools for drug testing.

Appearing on The Today Show over the weekend, Triple M radio and The Well podcast host Robin Bailey said she agreed with the proposal, along with 90 per cent of respondents on a Facebook poll ran by the show.

Bailey said she would take it one step further, explaining on the program and in a later Facebook post that she’d even bought drug tests to use on her kids.

“They are available in any chemist from $29 upwards and you can test for any type of drugs from dope to cocaine,” she wrote.

“I have no issue testing my kids because if they are not taking anything there is nothing to worry about but if they test positive then at least I know.”

Bailey said she bought the tests because she was previously concerned by some of the kids her son was hanging out with.

“Sadly I think a lot of parents are oblivious to what their teenagers are up to and for me I’d prefer to know than not then be able to deal with it,” she wrote.

“What do you think? Would you drug test your children?”

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Overwhelmingly, her followers were in agreeance but one question frequently kept coming up. What would she do if the tests came back positive?

“If one of my boys tested positive to drugs I would immediately contact our councillor and get professional help,” Bailey responded in a comment.

“If the drugs were found on him at his school he would be expelled (that is school policy) so I would be forced to face a completely different direction for him.

Robin Bailey and her three sons. Image: Facebook/Robin Bailey

"Moments like this can be life changing for a child and not necessarily in a good way especially when it involved external forces that's why I would want to know within our family unit first and have the opportunity to deal with it there."

So where do you stand? Is it an invasion of privacy or necessary to know what's going on? Tell us your thoughts below.