A guest at Sylvia Jeffreys and Pete Stefanovic's wedding has been fined $900.

A guest who attended the April wedding of Channel 9 presenters Sylvia Jeffreys and Peter Stefanovic has been fined $900 after using a drone to capture footage of the happy couple and their guests on their big day, The Daily Telegraph reports.

The person behind the video, whose identity has been kept anonymous under privacy laws, received the fine after video footage of the big day captured by a drone was uploaded to social media and brought to the attention of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

Footage captured by the drone. Source: Instagram.

Their crime? Flying the drone above eye height of those being filmed, and flying within a 30m radius of guests, both punishable offences, even with the permission of the bride and groom.

And that's not the only way you can get fined for your wedding photos.

According to CASA's website, other no-no's when using a drone recreationally include no flying at night; no flying withing 30 metres of vehicles, boats, buildings or people; no flying over densely populated areas like beaches, parks or sporting ovals; no flying above 120m in Australian cities; no flying within a 5.5km radius of other airfields or helicopter landing sites; and no hazardous or reckless flying.

So better keep all that to make sure you don't get stung just for using a drone to capture your wedding.

Neither Stefanovic or Jeffreys have commented on the fine, but given how incredibly happy they look in the video, it seems like they were fully on board with being filmed and had no idea their celebratory video was not quite legal.

The rules broken by the guest were also those that made headlines last week when Senator Pauline Hanson shared footage of herself flying a drone between two apartment buildings on Twitter.  Following the video being released, CASA announced it would be investigating Hanson and the footage.

Watch the video from Sylvia and Pete's wedding above.