Kickass pro-choice drone flies abortion pills to protesters.

As badass publicity stunts go, this one pretty much takes the cake.

In Poland, abortion is only allowed if the pregnancy threatens a mother’s life or health—and the strict laws there are about to get even worse.

In an incredible act of protest, pro-choice activist group Women Without Waves flew a drone carrying abortion pills from Germany to Poland.

After touching down on other side of the Ode River, which borders the two countries, two Polish women dodged German police and swallowed the pills.

The spectacular publicity stunt, which can be seen from the drone’s perspective in the video below, shows the drone flying from one side of the border to the other. Police attempted to outmaneuver it, but were not quick enough.

Of course, Polish women are able to cross the border to Germany to have an abortion. However if they return to Poland with medical complications, they can be denied treatment.

"If the new law is passed, it will prevent abortions of ectopic pregnancies, and even rape pregnancies." Image via Getty.

The new law, proposed by the governing Law and Justice Party, a right-wing, Christian organization, is still being debated. If passed, it will prevent abortions of ectopic pregnancies, and even rape pregnancies.

“It will protect the life of an unborn child at all costs, including the distress—or the death—of its mother,” writes Zofia Reych in The Guardian.

With the stunt, Women Without Waves has shown solidarity with women in countries who do not access access to abortion, which they call “a violation of human rights”.

The group plans to fly a drone from Ireland to Northern Ireland next Tuesday, where abortion is also illegal.  “Some women will then take the first pill to show how safe it is,” Rita Harrold from abortion rights group Rosa told Mashable.

After the successful stunt in Poland, the group aren’t worried about police.
Hopefully, the stunts will make governments sit up and listen.

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