Drew Barrymore's hair: Changing women's lives since 1993.


Drew Barrymore has a lot to answer for. The former child star was responsible for many women over-plucking their eyebrows and wearing too-pale makeup in the 1990s.

Exhibit A:


If you haven’t already guessed, this is going to be a hair version of, This Is Your Life: Drew Barrymore. Imagine I’m Ray Martin – wait, don’t do that, it’s not a good mental image – taking you through her best hairstyles.

From an early age Drew has been able to do something extraordinary. Unlike any other natural blonde she can carry off almost any hair colour and actually make it look good.


Whether it’s red, dark brown, blonde, pink, or strawberry blonde. Drew has been able to jump from shade to shade without ever putting a foot wrong. What Drew knows above many celebrities who experiment with different hair colours is to match your makeup with your new colour. Above you can see the adjustments in her skintone – a peachier foundation with the red hair, a more tanned look so that the chestnut brown won’t wash her out.

Let’s jump forward though to 2009. Drew had just reunited with actor Justin Long and began dating when they filmed He’s Just Not That Into You and Going the Distance together. She also had excellent hair.



Source: Elle

Three ways to get iconic hair like Drew Barrymore:

  1. Experiment, experiment, experiment: have fun and don't be afraid to play with new and daring styles and lengths.
  2. Keep hair shiny and healthy-looking throughout colour treatments and styling with Dove Pure Care Dry Oils.
  3. Go wild (with colour). Drew recently traded in her trademark blonde locks for brunette. Follow her lead by asking your stylist for a gloss colour treatment.

Sadly though, her relationship with Justin came to an end in 2010, and so did her bob. Just months later she stepped out with a new look.


Source: Elle


Some say as an early adopter of the balayage trend she made women around the world feel okay about skipping salon appointments and growing out their roots. Which was a mission Drew took very seriously since she sported the look for nearly two years.


Source: Getty


Two years later Drew meets Will Kopelman, and 18 months later ties the knot. Since this is Drew’s third wedding, she opted for a low-key updo on her wedding day, her hair loosely swept off her face.


Source: People


Three months after the wedding, Drew’s first daughter, Olive, is born. Understandably, this is a quieter time in her career, but she manages to squeeze in filming Blended, a romantic comedy with Adam Sandler.

Drew hits the pause button on experimenting with different hair colours and styles, and opts to let her naturally curly hair grow long again. This could also be because 18 months after Olive was born, she gives birth to her second daughter, Frankie.




Today, Drew now busy raising two girls, has released a book of photography, and has her own makeup line, but from the photo below where we can spot the daisy floating in her drink, we still want to copy everything she does.




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