Drew Barrymore's addition to her daughter's school lunches is the cutest.

Hollywood star and everyone’s ’90s girl crush Drew Barrymore has captured the hearts of Instagram fans with the extra item she includes in her daughter’s lunchbox.

The 42-year-old said she was up early to prepare her daughter’s lunch for camp, showing her fans she included a ‘love note’ and ‘banana art’.

“A TGIF for my girl to open and see that I am with her always!” the star wrote.

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In one lunch box, Barrymore made her four-year-old, Olive, a heart-shaped peanut butter and jam sandwich alongside fruit, nuts, meatballs and cheese. Cute.

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Another healthy camp lunch includes quesadilla, capsicum with guacamole and cucumbers alongside sweet messages from Mum.

The actress says the meals are “made with love”.

“I hope she likes it,” said Barrymore.

The Charlie’s Angels star – who has two daughters, Olive, 4, and Frankie, 3 – has many years of school lunches ahead.

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Sydney mum, Tomoko Horrell, has recently taken packed lunches to the next level.

She makes amazing works of art, some whipped up in only 20 minutes, for her son Sean.

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"I've started making these because I want my kids to eat lots of healthy food and enjoy it," Horrell told Mamamia.

"But my son asks me for an Australian lunch, which means Vegemite sandwiches."

The bento boxes or "kyaraben" can take hours for some Japanese mums.

"When I made the Jurassic Park sandwich, which is my favourite, I thought it's too good to eat."

How much time do you spend on packing lunch?

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