From mega slides to baby koalas: 5 new things to check out at Dreamworld this summer.

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There’s nothing quite like a family holiday on the Goldie. It’s the ultimate destination for sun, surf and a side of pizzazz.

And of course, they have theme parks. Yes, the excitement of walking through the gates and planning a day of fun from the Dreamworld park map is all part of the buzz for a child.

This summer, both Dreamworld and its neighbour WhiteWater World have introduced some brand-new attractions and upgraded the ones people know and love.

We’ll take you through them:

1. The Fully 6 slides.

dream world
The Fully 6 slides opening this summer. Image: Supplied.

A day on the Gold Coast wouldn’t be complete without having a splash and cooling off – with the bonus that it’s going to be a huge bundle of fun while you do.

WhiteWater World is soon to boast the epic Fully 6 slides – six new body waterslides with multi-coloured natural light effects that promise a ‘pure’ thrill, no matter the slide you choose. It’s just you, the water and a big splash at the bottom.

Fully 6 is all part of a $7 million investment into WhiteWater World. We really like to make the most of new experiences, so we’re going with the togs-under-the-clothes trick so as not to waste any time changing.

Babies and toddlers get to dip their toes in the water park’s Cave of Waves or Wiggle Bay where mini slides and interactive sprays ensure tiny holidaymakers don’t miss out on some pint-sized excitement.


2. The Sky Voyager.

    Let's fly, fam. Image: Supplied.

Well, wow. This is a ride you can share with the family - kids just need to be over 100cm and four years old to ride - that combines motion-programmed seating and spectacular special effects.

Suspended in front of a giant dome screen, you sit back and take in all the sights from more than 12 regions across Australia, flying high while experiencing the wind, sound, light, mist and scents of our sunburnt country.

It’s the Southern Hemisphere’s first flying theatre and you’ll be among the first to tick it off your travelogue.

3. The Wiggles and Fun House live.


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All visitors to Dreamworld on Friday, December 13 can wiggle along with The Wiggles live at 10.30am.

Simon, Lachy, Emma and Anthony will be there with their besties, Captain Feathersword, Dorothy the Dinosaur and Wags the Dog. Toot toot, chugga chugga indeed.

If umbrella juggling, tightrope, aerial hula hoops or contortion has your eyes agog, then between Boxing Day and January 12 would be the time to get to Dreamworld with Fun House in the house for daily shows promising big stunts and big laughs.

4. New baby friends.

Hey there, tiger cubs. Image: Supplied.

Don't forget to meet the roarsome tiger cubs Zakari, Javi and Khan. It's a great way for kids to learn about conservation and the difficulties facing wild tigers out there.


The Australian animals are always a favourite - say hello to baby bilbies, koalas, wombats, dingoes, Tasmanian devils, kangaroos and crocs.  They're wild, wonderful and very, very cute.

5. The Biggest Pass.

More times like this, please. Image: Supplied.

There’s many days’ worth of fun to be had, so it really would be such a shame to cram it all into just one.

Savvy families are buying tickets online and snapping up an annual Dreamworld pass to make the most of every attraction. The Biggest Pass offers the best value and is priced from $139 for adults ($119 for locals in Queensland or Northern New South Wales). This includes unlimited entry to Dreamworld, WhiteWater World and the SkyPoint Observation Deck over 13 months (if you buy online) - meaning if you're around the Goldie for two family holidays this year, you're all set.

We know you don’t really need more convincing, but it would be remiss of us to leave out that it also includes free access to shows and special events, a bonus photo pass valued at $99, the ability to jump the queue on the most popular rides as well as food and beverage discounts.

Yes, you get to jump the queue, parents. Less tantrums, more fun... I can deal with that.

Maybe Santa could surprise the family with annual passes for Christmas? I might need to have a word with him.

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