A furious mother says her family got stuck on Dreamworld's Thunder River Rapids two weeks ago.

A mother whose recent trip to Dreamworld was plagued with issues is furious the attraction continued to operate.

Kim, 43, told News Corp she and her husband became stuck on the ‘Thunder River Rapids’ alongside their seven-year-old daughter and four-year-old son only two weeks ago.

The graphic designer is just one of several people to have come forward since the lives of four adults were taken when the ‘Thunder River Rapids’ malfunctioned on Tuesday.

Kim told the news outlet her own raft became lodged at the beginning of the ride due to an issue with the water levels.

“I’d been on the ride before and I noticed even before I got on that the water was lower,” she said.

“The attendant told us to keep trying to rock it to get it moving.”

The mother-of-two said she had been comforting her daughter ever since as the seven-year-old became spooked after travelling through the dark tunnels.

“I’ve spent two weeks reassuring her that they don’t make rides that people can get hurt on so there was nothing to worry about. I now feel like the worst parent ever,” she said.

“I don’t want to tell them two kids watched their parents killed on it.”

The 43-year-old accused the theme park of knowing about an issue in the water levels two weeks ago.

“Dreamworld knew there was a water level issue two weeks ago — I’m so angry with them for their negligence, for what’s occurred to the families involved and for putting my family at risk,” she said.

“We loved Dreamworld. Never again. I’m glad my kids are terrified now. You assume those rides are safe and they’re not.”

Kim said she remained furious that such an incident could have just as easily been inflicted upon a family like her own.

“I’m so angry with them. What happened to that family that was killed shouldn’t have happened,” she said.

“That could have been me and my children.”

Other guests of the park told media on the day of the tragedy the ride had been shut down twice for repairs.

“We were waiting there for about half an hour and the engineers had to come,” one guest told Nine News.

“They drained all the water out and then had to fill it all back up.”

Other past guests have filled the social media pages of the theme park with criticisms of the “out-of-date” rides.

Facebook user Tasneem Seedat gave Dreamworld a two star review on Monday, saying rides are “out-of-date and are not as smooth as they should be.”

“I injured myself on the way down from the giant drop because of your old school repairs and upgrades. Wipe-out and a few others need replacing. It just needs a general update all together. All rides are out of date,” she wrote.