The Dragon is the yang to the Snake's yin, so this is likely to be a fabulous year for you! You're looking at one neutral, two unfavourable and a whopping nine favourable months. Nothing like getting off to a good start. The first five months of 2013 should be really good for you – as long as you don't hold back. You may have been tempted to gamble too much last year, leaping before you looked. Snake is here to help you think before you take action. This greatly enhances your chances of success. And as a Wood sign, this Water year is extremely favourable for you.


Dragon and Snake make a powerful combination, and your 67 percent success rate this year indicates just that! Big thoughts are your thing, oh Dragon, and 2013 is a year to really explore the depths of your mind. If a new position is what you are after, go out and get it. Change is favored, whether it's a new position or even a new location. Sometimes it's best to keep it fresh, and there's no better time for you to move somewhere exotic than Year of the Water Snake. Enjoy the ride!


Don't hold back this year, Dragon. The Snake likes to turn heads, and never let it be said that the Dragon isn't up to being the star of the show. You should have no problem attracting a crowd of potential mates in 2013. The problem will come in weeding out the few that you want to pay special attention to. It's definitely all about quality this year, not quantity. You're incapable of being too picky this year. Choose wisely!


You probably had a wild ride last year, and that trend continues. Put aside some time to relax in Year of the Snake. Don't stress yourself out, and make sure you get enough sleep. Don't let your mind race all night, no matter how excited you are. You could also have issues related to your blood, like high blood pressure or being low in iron. Get your check-ups. You've been going full steam ahead for some time. Make sure you didn't break anything along the way so you may enter 2013 fully in tact!


Expect good things from a financial perspective this year, Dragon. If you made investments in any precious metals. now is a good time to reap the rewards. Your creative juices will flow freely in Year of the Snake, so investing in a home remodel or anything that engages your keen eye will serve you well in 2013.

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