Five genius makeup tips we learnt from drag queen Kimberley Heart.

Video by Mamamia

I thought I knew a lot about makeup. Then a drag queen came into the Mamamia office yesterday and blew my mind.

Ahead of Mardis Gras this weekend, Heart transformed from Kimberley Hall into Kimberley Heart by doing her makeup for a FB live.

Not only was it a mesmerising and fascinating watch (seriously, one woman said her “son was hungry for dinner but I can’t stop watching”) but there were some great tips and tricks to be learned.

“Drag makeup might not seem like its right for the everyday person but there are so many things you can do. Yes, we might wear a tonne more than you, but you can do the same but a little bit less and you’ll look great,” she said. Too true.

Here are the five genius makeup hacks we’re stealing.

1.Do your worst side first.

It’s beyond frustrating when you complete winged liner (or liner in general!) on one eye then can’t replicate it on the other. Heart has a clever solution – and it’s so simple you’ll be kicking yourself for all those years you spent lopsided.

“If you need to have something symmetrical, always start with the side you are worst at. It will be easier to match up then the other way round,” she said.


And if all else fails? “Make it a smokey eye”.



2. Swap shadow for pencil.

When you're starting out with cut crease or blending eye makeup in general, eye shadow can seem a bit of an impossible task. Well - until you try Heart's tried and tested trick for ultimate eye socket definition.

"Try using lip pencils and eye pencils in the crease rather than shadow. It's way easier to blend," she says.

3. Say goodbye to fallout.

Most makeup artists recommend doing your eyebrows and eye makeup first for this very reason, but if you're like me and prefer to get your base down pat first, follow Heart's lead and pack on the translucent powder underneath your eyes before you pick up the glitter and shadow.

It will help set your concealer and foundation under your eyes as well as making it super easy to sweep away any fallout. Just grab a fluffy brush and sweep away.

Image: Facebook

4. Go where the actors go.

If you want full on coverage, go where the actors and the drag queens go - Kryolan. The brand offers professional TV, film and theatre-level makeup that can stand up to harsh lights. They also do a great range of pigmented shadows and lipsticks that are guaranteed to pack a punch.

5. Disguise your lazy eye.

Very few people can actually lay claim to a symmetrical face. If one of your eyes is a slightly uneven shape or you have a slightly lazy eye as Heart says she does, simply draw your liner or apply your shadow slightly bigger and it will even it out.

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What was your favourite tip from the tutorial? Tell us below!


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