That thing isn't a muscle. Dr Pimple Popper pops the most disgusting lump yet.

If you have clicked on this post, then I am going to assume you have a high tolerance for completely gross things.

In fact, you might have this strange pleasure in watching a pimple be popped.

I don’t know.

But, if you have accidentally stumbled upon this post then please know that what you are about to see will forever be tattooed in your memory.

It will never leave.


Do not say you weren't warned.

In her most recent video, Dr Sandra Lee a.k.a. Dr Pimple Popper has tackled one of the greatest things (I don't know whether it can ever be classified a pimple) yet.

In the Youtube description, Dr Pimple Popper writes that her patient had travelled all the way from Alaska to get the mass removed.

You can watch the entire video here - the popping starts at 13:40. (Post continues after video.)

"This patient flew in from ALASKA to see me! And she is such a sweetheart and was really excited about getting this large lump in her arm removed! She wasn't nervous at all, her sister who accompanied her isn't a popaholic, so we sent her out of the room when we did this surgery (I think her sis was plenty happy that we did that!)."


Encountering a lump like this isn't something Dr Pimple Popper jumps delightfully in excitement for.


Do you want to see more pimples being popped? Here you go. Images via Instagram. (Post continues after gallery.)

In fact, a lump of this size - which is called a lipoma - is something that she often can't get rid of.

"You should know that I don't agree to remove everyone's lipoma that I see. The lipoma has to be very mobile under the skin. Usually in the arm, a lipoma is pretty well encapsulated and will pop out whole as you can see here. So this one was truly AMAZING."

Unlike myself, the patient was far more chill about this whole popping business.

"She obviously is very relaxed and was very interested in what we were doing, in fact she looks over at one time to watch (which I actually try to prevent and discourage, sometimes even if people feel like they can watch themselves undergo surgery, they may realize that they can't handle it during the moment, [I] much prefer showing them the video directly after surgery instead of having them watch during!)"