Dr Pimple Popper just extracted a "blackhead field of dreams" and OH MY GOD.

Christmas is over, New Year parties are now just faded, drunken memories, and you’re probably back at your desk, counting down the 49 weeks until the next holiday.

But don’t worry, boys and girls, because there’s still joy in the world. And it’s all thanks to Dr Sandra ‘Pimple Popper’ Lee.

The cyst-squeezing dermatologist has uploaded what is quite possibly one of her most sickeningly satisfying videos yet.

Not to oversell it, but Dr Lee herself calls it a “blackhead field of dreams”.

Okay, so this is what we’re workin’ with:

dr pimple popper blackhead field of dreams
Image: Dr Sandra Lee.

Try to contain yourself...


dr pimple popper blackhead field of dreams
I wanna... I wanna... Ermagerd. Image: Dr Sandra Lee.

What a time to be alive!

Commenting on the video, Dr Lee said the patient was actually seeing her husband - also a dermatologist - but knowing how much the people of the internet froth over a deep, juicy blackhead, he sacrificed the poor soul over to his camera-wielding wife.

"This lovely patient I met about a minute before I started extracting these blackheads," she wrote. "I couldn't extract them all, because I had a busy patient schedule this day and was already a little behind! He will be back again for me to take care of the rest!"

You can watch the video in all its glory below.