These beautiful and unique photos will make you smile.


A new project by German-based photographer Dai Lyn Power aka Linda Dajana Krüger captures the unique beauty of a group or individuals living with Down syndrome.

Power told the Huffington Post she wanted to show “how beautiful they are and how real their character is.”

“I wanted people to see how beautiful, happy, funny, and open they are.”


One of the images from the Real Prettiness campaign. 

Rather than focusing on the physical and psychological effects of the chromosomal condition, the ‘Real Prettiness’ project focusses on the unique personalities and beauty of people with Down syndome – letting her subjects control their own image.

“They are being just themselves,” she said.

Power carefully chose the outfits for – and with – her subjects, to make sure they reflected their wearers.

“I looked for outfits which fit them and they felt comfortable with. They liked their make-up so much that they didn’t want to remove it in the evening.”



For more images from this collection, click through the gallery below. 

These photos originally appeared on the Huffington Post and have been republished here with full permission from photographer Dai Lyn Power. More of her work can be found on her blog.