Aspiring model with Down's Syndrome is changing the face of beauty.


Because difference does not negate beauty.

18-year-old Madeline ‘Maddy’ Stuart lives in Brisbane and aspires to be a model. She has Down’s Syndrome.

Maddy has also suffered from a heart condition and associated weight issues for much of her life.

Last year, she decided to change her lifestyle and now, after a health and fitness overhaul, and with the help of her very supportive mum, she is determined to change the way society defines beauty.

Image via Facebook


Maddy’s mum Rosanne told the Daily Mail, “In the beginning Maddie struggled as she is very habitual, and was used to eating a lot so she had to break that cycle. I gave her a lot of support and in about two months she created new habits.”

The 18-year-old is now a keen swimmer and cricketer. She does cheerleading and will be heading to Los Angeles in July with her hip-hop group, Bust a Move.

“She loves the attention when she is up on the stage,” Maddy’s mum said.

“And I have always taken millions of photos of her so she loves the camera.”

“So 18 months ago I decided to turn my weight around and to concentrate on my health. This is the outcome.” Image via Facebook


Maddy’s mum has always supported her but now it’s high time the rest of the world also realised how “amazing, funny, smart [and] beautiful” she is, says mum.

“I think it’s time people realised that people with Down Syndrome can be sexy and beautiful and should be celebrated,” Rosanne told the Daily Mail.

Image via Facebook


Maddy has a Facebook and Instagram where she shares her modelling photos, and now her career is starting to take off.

She posted this on her Facebook yesterday:


Congratulations Maddy and best of luck for the future.

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