Three little letters to make you cry.

If there is an awesome dad in your life, share this with him. Now.

To all those Dads out there, this one is for you, in honour of Father’s Day on Sunday.

Dads aren’t just there to help build forts or be “the strong one” when it comes to setting house rules.

Dads are also the ones to catch kids going for the big leap into the pool.

Or to save them when they get stuck on the monkey bars.

They are the ones who scare any night monster away, or who take on the unfamiliar task of brushing their daughter’s hair.

Just like the dads depicted in this new ad by Dove.

The point of the ad is to combat some negative stereotypes of fathers. In a survey of 1,000 dads, 64% said they feel the media portrays dads inaccurately.

Not anymore.

Watch the video now:

And if you want some more tear-jerking dad photos, grab some tissues and CLICK THROUGH this gallery of messages that brand-new dads have for their kids:

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