Do you hate your curly hair? Watch this.

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Life with curly hair comes with a whole range of inconveniences and difficulties.

Whether it’s not being able to casually run fingers or a hairbrush through curls, or the constant threat of losing bobby pins somewhere in there, any woman with waves, kinks or tightly-coiled ringlets understands the struggle.

If you’re nodding in recognition right now, you need to read this post, and then this one.

However, there’s a big difference between experiencing (and being able to laugh about about) frustrations like these, and being genuinely miserable about the natural state of your hair.

Unfortunately, many women and girls out there don’t love their curls – according to research by Dove, just 10 per cent of US women say they’re proud of their curly hair. Which seems crazy when there are other women out there who spend big money on tools to wave and curl their straight hair.

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In its latest RealBeauty campaign, the company is attempting to spread some love for unruly curls. The clip opens with group of girls talking about why they don’t like their hair. One explains that she tries to straighten it with her fingers, while another admits to wishing she could just rip hers out entirely.

Gaaahhh. Even the most hardened cynic would have to admit the kids’ sad faces and even sadder words pack a punch, right in the feels.

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So, how do you encourage girls to love and embrace their curls? Well, as with almost anything, it helps when the women around them love their curls, too – which is exactly the point the campaign hopes to illustrate.

Watch this:

Sure, it’s a little twee, but the sentiment is a positive one (and there’s a very good chance you’ll start tearing up against your will). Let those curls run wild today.