The hashtag that will have you feeling great about every single bit of your body.

In case you missed it, certain viewers of Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance earlier this week couldn’t get over the fact she had a stomach.

“A STOMACH?” I hear you gasp. “What do you mean? Don’t all woman have washboard abs and thighs that you can see through?”

*Eye roll*

#DontHateTheShake is the perfect antidote to those kind of nasty comments.

Listen: Mia Freedman shares her ‘confronting stomach’ story. Post continues after audio.

The positive body image movement started well before Monday’s Super Bowl, but there’s no denying it’s become even more powerful since.

The premise is simple: share a video dancing to your favourite song. The point of difference? You let loose and enjoy yourself, rather than worrying about what you look like and how your body is moving.

It’s a celebration of our bodies and all their bits – “wobbly” or otherwise – and thousands of women are getting involved.

One of the latest clips shared on Instagram under the hashtag is from positive body image advocate Megan Jayne Crabbe aka BodyPosiPanda.

“It’s #DONTHATETHESHAKE TIIIME. Time to appreciate aaaalll the jiggle, aaaall the squish, aaaall the jelly. Every. Last. Pound of it,” she captioned the video.


“Our bodies are so worthy of love in still pictures, and so worthy of love in movement too, that’s what #donthatetheshake is all about!”

Started by Yours Truely Melly, there is even a dedicated account, @donthatetheshake.

“Everyone is invited to make their own and come to the bopo [body positive] dance party,” Crabbe said.

Consider this our RSVP.

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