Donald Trump's 'happy birthday' tweet for Melania really didn't go as planned.

Donald Trump was just trying to wish his wife, Melania, a happy birthday the best way he knew how: by getting a White House intern to make a graphic, log on to his Twitter account and share the message with his 28.4 million followers.

Easy, right?

Unfortunately for President Trump, his April 26 tweet didn’t quite go as planned.


Notice anything unusual?

No? What about if we zoom in a little…

Wait a second...that's not right...

It turns out, the United States flag - you know, the flag of the country he is currently the leader of - pictured on the tweet is missing quite a few stars.

The flag pictured in the tweet has just 39 stars, and last time we (or the whole world) checked, there are actually 50 states in the USA.

Of course, Twitter was more than willing to let the mistake slide. We all do things wrong every now and again, right? And 50 states is a lot to remember...


The backlash against Trump and his mistake was as quick as an excited seven-year-old blowing out the candles on their dinosaur cake.


Others pointed out that Trump's 'mistake' could actually be a hint at the country's future:


Perhaps Trump's birthday present to Melania is just getting rid of all those states she hates?

Some pointed out that this isn't the first time Trump has used the mysterious "39 star flag": it also appeared in a video made by the White House when Egyptian-American Aya Hijazi was freed from a prison in Cairo.


At least Melania's 47th birthday will go down in history. Even if it is for all the wrong reasons.