Thousands of Americans are protesting Donald Trump's election victory.

Crowds have flooded the streets of New York City to protest the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States of America.

Photos show scenes of chaos as protestors wave picket signs and march outside Trump Towers, holding messages of ‘love over hate’.

A shooting close to the scene of an anti-Trump protest in Seattle is believed to have left five people with gunshot wounds, The Seattle Times reports.

It was reported witnesses saw people arguing before a gunman fired shots after initially appearing to walk away. Seattle police Assistant Chief Robert Merner told the publication it was likely that at least one person shot was a bystander.

However, Reuters reports the shooting was believed to have stemmed from a personal argument and was not linked to the protest.

Protests continue to flood the streets as angry citizens create effigies of Donald Trump and burn the national flag.

Scenes of the chaos are mounting as social media users scramble to share images, videos and messages under the hashtag #NotOurPresident.

The Guardian reported traffic had been stopped on the central road of Michigan Avenue with protesters moving towards Lake Shore Drive.

Reporter Zach Staffords relayed how authorities have reacted well to the angry presence of thousands.

“Police have been surprisingly supportive of their march everywhere,” he wrote.

The New York City protesters were said to have marched 35 blocks from Union Square to the president-elect building.

The Guardian reported the crowds gathered outside Trump Tower to holler their discontent. Police officers rushed to assemble barricades as eight sanitation trucks filled with dirt lay in wait behind them.

New York City protesters outside Trump Tower. (Source: Getty).

CNN reported thousands have also gathered by the White House to chant anti-Trump slogans.

"Not my president, not today," they screamed.

Protests in cities across America continue to march into the night with no sign of stopping.

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