We can't look away from Donald Trump's latest awkward moment with his wife.

How do you shower your significant other with love and affection?

A nice note? A kiss on the cheek? A hug of some kind? Maybe a handshake?


Ahhh. You clearly haven’t the social skills of the Trumps, who, it would seem, love engaging in the odd handshake when saying a quick hello, how are you, in public.

Because what else are marriages made for, if not the interlocking of hands and a good shake of them to boot?

As the First Lady introduced her husband at a US Air Force event on Friday, he entered the stage, bounded up to his wife, stuck out his hand and have her a great, big, romantic, Donald Trump handshake.

And Twitter, like only Twitter can, can’t get enough.

Because the only thing better than watching a long-term married couple shake each other’s hand in public, is bearing witness to one subtly but definitively pushing the other off stage.

Just beautiful.

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