Oh. Donald Trump completely forgot Melania existed during a speech last week.

In a visit to Florida to survey the damage left by Hurricane Irma last week, US President Donald Trump offered his apologies for his wife’s absence.

“I just want to thank everybody, the first responders, on behalf of myself, our Vice President…Melania really wanted to be with us,” he told the crowd.

The only problem? Melania Trump was standing right next to him throughout the nine minute speech.

Image: CNN

I mean, fair enough, they've only been married 12 years.

Melania appeared not to immediately react to the gaffe, before looking to the side a few seconds later.


In his speech, Trump thanks first responders for their work saving the lives of those affected by the natural disaster.

It's not the first time the strange interactions between the pair have become headlines in themselves.

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Last week, Trump greeted his wife on stage with a firm handshake after she introduced him before ushering her off to the side.

"You go sit down, honey," he told her.

A body language expert told AOL Online it could be a sign their marriage is cracking.

"It makes them look horrible. It makes them look like their marriage is in jeopardy," Dr Lilian Glass told the online site.

"It fuels gossip. It makes them look like they’re just in it for the show and she can’t stand him."

Footage of Melania swatting away her husband's hand as he reached for hers also went viral earlier this year.