Men in Australia are turning Donald Trump's most vile words into a chant.

On the very day we thought the bigotry, racism and sexism espoused by the Trump campaign would finally come to an end, we learned it was only the beginning.

And the behaviour of some Australian men over the past 24 hours demonstrates exactly what a Trump Presidency likely represents.

As the election results rolled in — and it became clear a Trump victory was imminent — students at The University of Sydney began chanting “grab them by the pussy,” alluding to the Republican’s comments about women recorded in a decade-old leaked tape.

Other comments reported included “build a wall”, “lock her up” and “drain the swamp”.

The men were promptly ejected from the university’s Manning Bar by campus security.

If only it ended there.


Late last night a number of businessmen were escorted out of a pub in Sydney after they began loudly chanting “grab them by the pussy”, the manager informed Mamamia. 

Reports have also emerged from The Rugby Club in Sydney’s CBD, where men are said to have started chanting “lock her up” after Trump’s victory was announced.

We were also alerted to several Facebook posts shared by women from Melbourne and New Zealand, who have been subjected to harassment in the last 24 hours.


There is great irony in yesterday's election.

The fact the United States elected Donald Trump and this is the rhetoric that has emerged out of it, highlights just how much we needed Hillary Clinton.