Soon, you'll be able to order pizza with emoji. Welcome, future.

Ordering pizza has long been known as the most difficult process there is. You have to first pick up the phone, then dial an entire number, then actually verbalise your request.

It’s EXHAUSTING. And we have had enough of this ridiculous process.

Luckily, Domino’s has heard our cries and decided to introduce ordering over Twitter, merely by using the Pizza emoji, like so:

Although this is obviously the laziest most wonderful invention of our time, we feel it has a significant flaw.

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According to BGR, you have to register your credit card, your address, your Twitter handle and your favourite pizza order with Domino’s. This means you can only ever order the one kind of pizza.

What if you’re prosciutto’d out? What if you want a sprinkling of feta just this one time? You would have to use your phone and order it like a medieval fool.

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We say: this is completely unacceptable. But never one to criticise without offering an alternative, we have come up with another ingenious way to order pizza instead.

Multiple. Emojis.

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You can order your seafood:

Your Hawaiian:

Your vegetarian with extra tomato sauce:

You can even leave a generous tip:

It’s the easiest way to ensure we never have to do anything ever again. It will truly get us to our goal of peak laziness. It is the future, now.

You’re welcome, Domino’s. You’re welcome.

What takeaway food would you like to order through emojis?