Doing it for Allison: Thousands march to show their anger at Baden-Clay decision.

Nothing will ever bring Allison Baden-Clay back to her family. Nothing will diminish that loss. Nothing will ever render her death acceptable.

But today, thousands of Queenslanders have turned out to show that they remember Allison. They are rallying to show that they will not be silent about the decision to downgrade Gerard Baden-Clay’s conviction from murder to the lesser charge of manslaughter.

And across the country today, Australians are wearing yellow in solidarity with Allison’s family.

The Courier Mail dedicated its cover image today to the mother of 3 who was killed last year, calling on Queensland to unite for Allison.

Close friends of Allison are leading the march along with the parents of Daniel Morcombe, Senator Glenn Lazarus and Lisa Wilkinson.

“I am here today because like so many, I just have so many questions,” Wilkinson began. “Hopefully in the days, weeks, months ahead we will get the answers we need and we will get justice for Allison.”


She explained the purpose of the protest.

“Today is about justice for Allison and for all women victims of domestic violence. It is an example of democracy in action. It’s about a peaceful community rally to say justice has not been served to Allison or her family. A fundamental right of our democracy [is] people can disagree with judges’ decisions and we have the freedom to express that. If enough people are unhappy with the law as it stands, people have the right to ask our government to create new laws in accordance with the will of the people. This community is coming together saying the Court of Appeal decision does not deliver justice for Allison, even if it proves to be a correct decision. Change the law to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Let’s hope they listen to the will of the people.”

A group called Doingit4Allison have organised the event  and are calling on the Attorney General to appeal the decision to downgrade Baden-Clay’s sentence and to change the laws to make sure this does not happen again.   “We need to let our political leaders know the social and legal structures designed to support and protect against domestic violence are not working. We’re #doingit4allison, we’re #doingit4all,” they say. A petition calling for the Queensland AG to appeal the recent decision has attracted over 100,000 signatures. A string of high profile Queenslanders have added their voices to the campaign in this video.

Video via doingit4allison

  Tomorrow, if you want to show support for the family of #AllisonBadenClay who remain shocked & confused by this week’s court decision to downgrade her husband’s murder conviction to manslaughter, why not #WearYellowForAllison. To work, to the shops, on the bus or train…wherever you’re heading, if you want to let Allison’s devastated family know that they are not alone, that they have your support, that you care about our justice system coming to the right decisions, that our domestic violence situation is a national disgrace….and that this beautiful young mother of three who will never see her children grow up MATTERED, then please grab something yellow from your wardrobe before you head out the door tomorrow. A yellow ribbon tied around your bag, a flower in your hair – nothing is too small to show your support. Do it for Allison. Do it for her family. Do it for all the victims of domestic violence past & present…and say “Enough!” And please, if you can, share this with your friends… Then tomorrow, why not post your #WearYellowForAllison pics to @Instagram and spread the word. At such an incredibly tough time, I know it will mean the world to the family. #DoingIt4Allison   A photo posted by Lisa Wilkinson (@lisa_wilkinson) on Dec 17, 2015 at 2:59am PST

We are not in Brisbane today but we are marching for the same cause. For Allison, for her family and for everyone else whose lives have been impacted domestic violence.

This is a day for unity. A day to demand better. A day to say enough.