WARNING: Don't feed dogs hot cross buns this Easter.

They will beg, of course.

As the family sits around unwrapping easter eggs, the smell of toasting (burning?) hot cross buns wafting from the kitchen, the four-legged beings among us will want in on the excitement.

But, as Easter Sunday approaches, be warned: feeding your dogs hot cross buns is dangerous, no matter how much they’ll try and persuade you otherwise.

Are the sugar-police ruining Easter for kids? Post continues below.

According to the Animal Referral Hospital Brisbane, sultanas in hot cross buns are toxic to dogs – potentially lethal – and can cause acute kidney failure.

“Unfortunately hot cross buns are toxic to dogs and it’s the inoffensive sultana that causes all the trouble,” the hospital posted to their Facebook page.

“Even a small amount of grapes and raisins can be lethal to dogs. While they don’t know what the toxic substance in grapes is, scientists do agree that it is both the flesh and the skin that is poisonous to dogs.”

Their post came after they treated puppy Ellie, who’d helped herself to an entire loaf of raisin bread.

“Her owners brought her to our ARH emergency hospital in Sinnamon Park after they noticed the loaf missing,” the Facebook post reads.

“Ellie seemed happy and healthy, however, if left untreated she would likely have developed symptoms of kidney failure such as vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, increased thirst and abdominal pain.”

Luckily, early intervention saved Ellie from the trouble she was in. But pet owners take care: Easter isn’t a happy time for dogs.

They’re not allowed to each chocolate and now, hot cross buns are ruled out, too.

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