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Attention everyone: This dog has another dog on its ear.

You know how sometimes people think the burnt pattern on their toast looks like Jesus?

Or when you start seeing human-like faces in everyday objects and it makes your day?

Well, this is a million times better.

Meet Lucy. She’s a nine-month-old pitbull/terrier mix born to a rescued stray in an animal shelter in upstate New York.

But there is something ~~special~~ about Lucy.

You see, when you look closely at her left ear, you can see an image of a face that looks exactly like her.


Yes, Lucy has her very on selfie imprinted into her fur.



A spokesperson for the shelter where Lucy was born, Lollypop Farm, said it wasn't until someone saw Lucy's image on their website that they noticed her uncanny self-portrait.

"It was pointed out to use by a very observant visitor!" Paige Doerner told The Dodo.

"We couldn't believe it when we looked closer at the picture."

Within hours of the shelter going public with the huge news of Lucy's miracle ear, her forever family walked through the doors.


"The attention that was brought in by her special ear over social media is wonderful, both for Lucy, and for the other rescued pets here... who are looking for new homes," Doerner said.

Naturally, Lucy has been dubbed "selfie-pup". You can follow her adventures (and those of her ear twin) on Instagram here.

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