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A dog interrupted a live news bulletin and the reporter was having NONE of it.

Ladies and gentlemen,

We’d like to interrupt your Facebook scrolling to report some breaking news, about a dog interrupting a news bulletin.

Video has surfaced of the moment a dog decided to say hey, smack bang in the middle of a live Russian news broadcast.

If it was a human, it’d be kind of rude, yeah? But we’ll let it slide, because dog. This right here is what dreams are made of (watch the video above).


The black (and presumably fluffy) Labrador, who clearly has some very important canine news to share makes himself known to the newsreader, Linarte, before flopping up onto the news desk in an attempt to be heard.

We have so many thoughts.

Who is he? What is he trying to say? WHY ARE YOU NOT LETTING HIM SPEAK?

To be perfectly honest, whatever this happy pooch had to say is probably far more interesting than the housing prices spiel Linarte was spinning.

Unfortunately, we'll never know what story this big guy had to tell. And we've never wished animals could speak English more than right now.