Zoe Marshall says she isn't ready to be a mother.

For this generation, it’s not uncommon to hear of a woman who has decided to delay starting a family.

With the amount of opportunities we now have, and the fact that birth control exists, we can decide when and at what stage of life we want children.

Zoe Marshall, blogger, radio personality and wife of three years to rugby league star Benji Marshall, has admitted she is not yet ready to have kids.


A photo posted by Zoe Marshall (@zoebmarshall) on Jul 16, 2015 at 2:14am PDT


“My husband’s ready, my body’s ready, I just need to kind of get ready,” the 31-year-old told Daily Mail Australia.

“But I don’t know if I’m ever going to be that woman that goes ‘Oh my God, I want a baby now!”’

Marshall has been open about her struggle with reproductive condition Endometriosis in the past. She says her doctor has urged her to consider starting a family sooner rather than later after undergoing multiple surgical operations to help ease the discomfort and pain Endometriosis causes.


“They recommend for young women, as young as 18 or 21 that don’t even have a partner, to have a hysterectomy or to get pregnant and that doesn’t seem like a rational option,” Marshall said.

Marshall also revealed she began making a documentary about her battle with the condition. She even brought a camera crew with her into the operating room and had a camera film internally to wholly document the process.

What is Endometriosis exactly? Watch out handy little explainer below. Post continues after video.

“I wanted to create a documentary… but then I got caught up in my new business so that’s on the backburner for now,” she said.

When asked if kids were on the cards at all, Marshall told Daily Mail Australia, “I feel like all my ducks are in a row, there’s no reason for me not to have a baby, so I kind of just need to get my mind into action.”