Video: What happens when you offer Sarah Wilson a lolly?

There could be anyone in the lift at Mamamia HQ. Anyone.

The cool guys who work at the design company upstairs with their miniature dogs.

Or, you might get to pitch Mia Freedman your story of the day while trying not to be dazzled by her sequinned tutu.

Or, you know, you could find yourself standing next to a passing celebrity, like sugar-free Sarah Wilson, when your arms are full of Allens’ lollies.

Stage one of bumping into 'I Quit Sugar' author Sarah Wilson while holding a bag of lollies: denial.

That's what happened to Clare Gerber.

Clare Geber and the bag of lollies that is definitely not hers.

Which is the weirdest thing. Because last week, she had an, um, awkward encounter with Andrew Daddo in there, too...

Video by Mamamia