The Find: "The product that made my sparse eyelashes longer, fuller and thicker."

I’ve lived much of my life as what I refer to as ‘lash challenged’.

Those of you reading this who are the lucky recipients of eyelashes that naturally sit at a 90 degree angle to your eye and display large gaps in between will know exactly what I’m talking about.

When I think about how I pulled the short end of the stick when it comes to the lash pool, I can’t help but look up at the sky and scream at the gods of genetics, considering I have to get laser almost everywhere else. But that’s a story for another day.

My challenged lashes mean that I have searched high and low, as well as far and wide, for a product that will a) make them grow longer and b) increase their thickness. And hey, I wouldn’t complain if it happened to give me a bit of a natural curl either.

But in my 26 years with these babies perched on my face, I’ve had no such luck. I’ve tried all of the lotions, conditioners, serums and any other form of hocus pocus promising the holy grail of the Bambi lashes to no avail.

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That is until one day I happened to stumble upon a product called RevitaLash.

I came across it in my Facebook feed and quickly began Googling to find out more about it. My excitement was short lived when I noticed it came with a super expensive price tag. $177 for a 2ml tube and $268 for a 3.5ml tube from Sephora. Sheeeeesh, what was this stuff? Liquid gold?

(Well as it turns out, it’s actually better but we’ll get to that soon enough.)

RevitaLash. Image via The Beauty Hub. 

Still, I fell down a rabbit hole of YouTube videos boasting about RevitaLash and how fabulous it was. I even remember one reviewer recommending not to use it morning and night as it was so potent your lashes would grow out of control. Sign. Me. Up. I thought to myself.

In my digging I also discovered that the product was created by Michael Brinkenhoff who pioneered the product for his wife Gaye Brinkenhoff after she was diagnosed with breast cancer and lost her lashes due to the chemotherapy. With that sort of dedication to a product, I thought it must be worth a try. (Post continues after gallery.)

I ordered the 3.5ml bottle which arrived within a few days and began applying it morning and night after washing my face but before applying any other products. I would swipe the brush with a generous amount of the product on top of my lash line, being careful for it not to run into my eye.

The impact was almost instant. After a week I noticed my lashes getting thicker and after two months of using the product, my eyelashes are the longest they have ever been. Combine that with my mascara and I've never felt better about the way they currently look.

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My friends and family now frequently comment on how great my eyelashes look and I've had several people as what I'm doing to them that has them looking so fabulous. That's how I know it's not a placebo effect but actually working.

I used to perm my eyelashes to give them a bit of a curl because they were always so straight but was worried about the effect it would have long term. I also long considered having eyelash extensions but again, worried about what it would do to my natural lashes which already weren't in the best condition.

Now I'm certain I don't need either.

"I've never felt better about the way they currently look." Image supplied.

While the RevitaLash treatment hasn't added to the curl, I do find after using an eyelash curler and mascara the shape does hold. This never happened before I used the product with my lashes going straight again almost instantly after curling.

Now that my lashes are at a point I like, I've dropped to only using the Revitalash at night which is what's recommended. Within another month or so I can probably stop using it every night as well and shift to a few times a week.

It's definitely a product I will continue to use it the long run. It's solved all of my lash worries and as far as first world problems go, I couldn't be happier about it.

Have you tried a lash booster?